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These ink drawings are masterfully detailed yet simple.

RoseredTiger responds:

Thanks =)

Your art is already incredible, but adding animated movement brings it even more to life! Although I'm sure it'd take more effort, the animation would be even greater and more life-like if more parts of the character moved, like the chest as the creature breaths or their tail swinging back and forth; just subtle movements, as nothing that lives is ever still, even when sleeping.

Oh my goodness this is so cute! And it is so masterly painted as well.

I'm really loving your art. I keep adding your sketchtember pictures to my favorites selection.

Sony-Shock responds:

Aww, but they're just sketches! Either way, I'm flattered, thank you very much!! <3

Good job on the anatomy. Comparing this to some of your earlier works, I can see you have improved, so good on you.

Zaccura responds:

Oh thank you!! :D

I love that mass of hair.

That's an incredible amount of detail for that single character! I like it!

AlecsHere responds:

Thank you very much zebras :)

Too cute!

I love looking at character sheets. To see different expressions and renditions of a character really fleshes them out and quickly establishes you to their personality. This looks great! This character has a nice appeal, and it makes me think of Alphys and Undyne from the game Undertale, if their personalities were contributed to a double-life standard.

I'm impressed with the amount of detail you can create with a ball-point pen on lined paper. And this gives me a happy sense of nostalgia as this was my first medium of art.

Username047 responds:

Thank you for your feedback, indeed it takes a lot of time and effort, but I consider it a form a meditation rather than work.

I think pencils and crayons were my first medium of art :)


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